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80s toy box

80s toy box


Bringing you the 'Totally 80s toy box'. This funky box of nostalgia is crammed with all sorts of mini toys and sweets from the 80s including:
  • 1 x Fun snaps
  • 1 x Fortune teller fish
  • 1 x Mini springy
  • 1 x Yo Yo
  • 1 x Finger fright
  • 1 x Bouncing putty
  • 1 x Mini popper
  • 1 x Whoopee cushion
  • 1 x Polystyrene glider
  • 1 x Strawberry fizz wiz
Exclusive to 'Kids of the 80s', you're sure to find this retro box of treats brings back all those childhood memories.
Some of these items come in multiple colours. Currently we only post these items to UK addresses.

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