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Total Recall

Total Recall


Ok this is a 1990 film but had to be on here.
It is the future. Technology has flourished, and humans have successfully colonized on the planet Mars. Douglas Quaid, a mild-mannered construction worker with a gorgeous wife and a nice apartment is very happy. But when Doug wanted to go to a place called "Rekall" a place where doctors provide artificial memories on vacations, his life becomes another that he knows nothing about, before he knows it, his wife turns on him and agents from an Martian organization led by the colony leader, Vilos Cohaagen are bent on his death. Doug receives a message from a man named Huaser, telling him to go to Mars and find a woman named Melina. Doug will also have to unlock the details of his former life with the help of a mutant rebel leader named Kuato to defeat Cohaagen and save the colonies on mars.

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