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I've heard them called 'handpuppets from hell', and thet's not far off the truth. For anyone who's seen the original TV ad for boglins from the 80s, you'll know what I'm talking about here. The name itself conjures up all kinds of revolting, hellish imagery of something that lives in murky bogs, covered in warts, emitting the kind of phlegm-filled sounds that haunt you for nights to come. And this was exactly what those big brains at Mattel wanted us to think.
The story went that Boglins were the creatures us humans had eventually descended from, but a small monirity had remained buried in bogland, preserved until present day and unevolved. The toys were slimey hand puppets that looked like a large bogey with glow in the dark eyes, claw-like dinosaur hands and a tendancy for biting little sister's arms (very popular with big brothers then!). There were three varieties of the original Boglins known as Plunk, Dwork and Flurp.

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