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Big Yellow Teapot

Big Yellow Teapot


The Big Yellow Teapot was based on two founding principles: little girls love dolls houses, and they also love playing with tea sets. This must-have iconic toy of the 80s combined both these loves so was always going to be a hit when it was released by the now-defunct Bluebird Toys in 1981.

The name said it all, really. The Big Yellow Teapot was a large, plastic, yellow teapot that opened up to reveal a play house inside. It came with little plastic, peg-like (a bit like primitive Playmobil people) family figures and various pieces of furniture. You could have hours of fun playing with Mum, Dad, two little girls, a boy and a dog, positioning them between the four little chairs, a table, a bed, a bedside cabinet and printed cardboard walls to make the place seem more homely. There was even something that resembled a dog's bed! The hidden roundabout under the teapot's lid was a brilliant addition, as was the slide spout our figures could whizz down.

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