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The Young Ones - series 1 & 2

The Young Ones - series 1 & 2


It’s fair to say that when The Young Ones first blasted onto television screens, there’d never been anything quite like it. Yet the manic adventures of Rik, Neil, Vyvyan and Mike didn’t take long to gain an audience, and over 25 years later, the programme still enjoys a well-deserved cult-following.

Both series of The Young Ones are grouped together in this special DVD set, and there’s plenty to enjoy. In among the violence, the anarchic comedy, and the wonderful childishness of it all, are many, many belly laughs. How about when The Young Ones represented Scumbag College on University Challenge, for instance? Or Alexei Sayle’s Balowski family? Or the occasional break so a band could be worked in to play a song?


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