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Centurions; complete series

Centurions; complete series


Crystal Kane, a computer scientist, with her team of top-secret computer-operated warriors called Centurions try to save the world from destruction at the hands of Doctor Terror's Doom Drones. The Centurions each have their own armor and weapons: Max Ray has a submarine feature, Jake Rockwell has bazookas and tank treads, and Ace McCloud has flying exoframes. They fight the cyborgs Dr. Terror and Hacker, to prevent them from taking over the world. The Centurions' headquarters, SkyNet, is a ship orbiting the earth, from which they transport to the surface when needed. When the Centurions shout "PowerXTreme!" their Assault Weapon System is charged to their ExoFrames, and beamed down from SkyNet by Crystal Kane.


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