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Back To The Future II: DeLorean Time Machine Replica

Back To The Future II: DeLorean Time Machine Replica


This larger than life DeLorean time machine, with working lights and sound effects is a real must for all BTTF Fans. Being scaled in 1/15th scale means theres tons of detailing.Open the gull wing doors and you will see a fully detailed interior and dash. On the outside there is all the countless cables and elctronics boxes needed for time travel as well as a detailed1.21 Jigowatt power system along with the retro fitted Mr.Fusion home energy reactor. Under the car there is a slide switch which moves the wheels from road version to flying mode! Under the hood you will find the battery compartment which holds 3x AAA Batteries, which are included along with the on/off switch. The lighting system works with front and rear lights, interior dash lights, flux capicitor and Blue time travel lights. Sound effects include: First time travel, Car troubles,Revving up and winding down, Door opening, Rev up and Peel out, Engine start up, Return from time travel, Return home with screeching halt, Time circuits engaged,Hover landing.

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